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Meet the Team

Our dedicated staff

Veterinary Surgeons

Cathy McCourt - Veterinary Surgeon

Cathy McCourt

Cathy McCourt Veterinary Surgeon
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Maeve Lunny - Veterinary Surgeon

Maeve Lunny

Maeve Lunny Veterinary Surgeon
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Derek Bell - Veterinary Surgeon

Derek Bell

Derek Bell Veterinary Surgeon
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Lesley Moore - Veterinary Surgeon

Lesley Moore

Lesley Moore Veterinary Surgeon
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Esther Boyle - Veterinary Surgeon

Esther Boyle

Esther Boyle Veterinary Surgeon
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Monika McElroy - Veterinary Surgeon

Monika McElroy

Monika McElroy MVDr MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon
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Kevin Maguire - Veterinary Surgeon

Kevin Maguire

Kevin Maguire MVB MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon
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Veterinary Nurses

Sonya Pakenham - Head Nurse

Sonya Pakenham

Sonya Pakenham Head Nurse
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Sara Gauley - Veterinary Nurse

Sara Gauley

Sara Gauley Veterinary Nurse
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Cleone Egerton - Veterinary Nurse

Cleone Egerton

Cleone Egerton Veterinary Nurse
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Nicole Farrell - Veterinary Nurse

Nicole Farrell

Nicole Farrell Veterinary Nurse
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Jill Kilfedder - Veterinary Care Assistant

Jill Kilfedder

Jill Kilfedder Veterinary Care Assistant
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Practice Manager

Grainne Farrell - Practice Manager

Grainne Farrell

Grainne Farrell Practice Manager
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Colleen Jones - Receptionist

Colleen Jones

Colleen Jones Receptionist
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Aimee Weir - Receptionist

Aimee Weir

Aimee Weir Receptionist
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Kathryn Keenan - Receptionist

Kathryn Keenan

Kathryn Keenan Receptionist
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Ryan McClintock - Receptionist

Ryan McClintock

Ryan McClintock Receptionist
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